The following are the illustrations that I created for the animation. El Chapulin Colorado and Ultraman are taken from popular television shows, the rest are original characters that I designed for the animation. I'm uncertain of when they might be used again and I'm interested in hearing from people who would like to use these illustrations. Contact me if you would like the Illustrator files for these characters. Tell me what you might do with them and I may send them off.

In 1968, Roberto Gómez Bolaños created El Chapulin Colorado to follow a popular Mexican program titled "Sábados de la Fortuna". By 1970, El Chapulin Colorado became one of a series of characters for the hour long show "Chespirito" which is the longest running Mexican television show and is seen throughout the world. "He was stronger than a mouse, he used some pills called 'pastillas de chiquitolin' (pills of 'small-ina') which gave him the power to shrink, and he had a mallet called 'El Chipote Chillon' (the 'Crying bump' or 'crying bruiser') that he used to fight against the villians. Also he had his 'antenitas de vinil' (Vinil little antennas) which he used to search for villians and danger.' read more

Illustrator file contains a 5 step illustration of El Chapulin Colorado walking for an animated walk cycle.

"Ultraman is the mysterious red and silver alien superhero of a popular Japanese TV series that aired from 1966 to 1967. (An English version by United Artists was broadcast on local stations in the United States in subsequent years). He is able to stay on Earth by secretly merging with Hayata, a man who works for the Science Patrol (a task force with high-tech mecha that tackles giant monsters, aliens, and other unusual phenomena)." read more

Illustrator file contains a 5 step illustration of Ultraman walking for an animated walk cycle.

The Illustrator file containes several illustration of Roberto Gómez Bolaños's head as El Chapulin Colorado.

Several illustration of Ultraman's head at different angles.

"Labor" is a character that I created for the animation and carries "Capital" on his back. The set of illustrations of labor are used for a crawling cycle..

"Capital" is a character that I created for the animation. Capital rides on labor, dressed in his white shirt and black tie, laughing upon the naked back of his creature of labor.

I also created "Terrorista" - a child of dark complexion carrying a head of two faces and arms without hands, walking naked with dynamite strapped to his body. The United States has been at the helm of establishing a fractured world - it's ascendence reflected in a century begun with uncertain pride that transformed into self-rightousness and ended in gluttony. Terrorista is a reflection of that which we have wrought upon civilization - poverty with little recourse.

I also created "La Aguila". This eagle with head of politician drops a turd that turns out to be a man of war. The illustration of "La Aguila" includes two versions of the creature, one in flight (merely flip his wings and stagger between cells to create a flying animation) and one in attack with tallons drawn.

"Hombre Pollo" is based on a creature from Goya's print series Caprichos, the print is titled "Ya van desplumados". Here is a section of the print that features this little chickens with the heads of men...

"Man of War" is the bi-product of "La Aguila" (eagle with head of politician). When ignorance is fostered by a lack of funding toward public education and civil care, a youthful army that is unprepared, and does not understand cultural difference and may easily be seduced by violent power will volunteer for objectives like money, the possiblity to escape familial cycles, or naive notions of adventure and patriotism. Such an army is disastrous to both the nation-state under seige and the offending country.