June/July 2006

Public Broadcast Cart is a shopping cart outfitted with a dynamic microphone, a mixer, an amplifier, six speakers, a miniFM transmitter and a laptop with a wireless card. The audio captured by the microphone on the cart is fed through the mixer to three different broadcast sources. The mixer simultaneiously feeds the audio:

The Public Broadcast Cart is designed to enable any pedestrian to become an active producer of a radio broadcast. The cart reverses the usual role of the public from audience to producer of a radio broadcast and online content. View original proposal

As the government and the FCC seek to hand over our media resources to the wealthiest corporate media entities looking to monopolize the media from print to radio to television, it is upto the independent producers to subvert big money domination of our culture.

The Broadcast Cart was funded by the Franklin Furnace's Future of the Present Fund and technical assistance was given by Jan McLaughlin, Greg Gong, Dana Speigel and Darrel O'Pry. The broadcast has been supported by thing.net, Ars Electronica, Exit Art, Tesla Radio. I would like to give special thanks to Martha Wilson and Wolfgang Staehle for their work as artists, independent producers and supporters of artists, and thanks to Brooke Singer, Yuri Gitman, and Dana Spiegel the producers of the public net art event Wireless Park Lab Days, September 19th and 20th, 2003, when the Public Broadcast Cart was first presented.